Designed by Bill Calhoun

Built with Macaw

Animations by Animate.css & Waypoints

Almost there!

The Launch!

The bottle will push itself off the needle when it launches.

Pump until the rocket blasts off!

Push the needle through the cork.

Attach the needle to the pump.

Set the rocket upright on the ground.

Plug the bottle with the cork.

Trim the cork. Make sure the needle is longer than the cork.

The needle will attach to a bicycle pump.

Drill a hole so that an inflating needle will fit snugly.

Find a cork or stopper that can plug your bottle.

The Launcher!

The ends of the fins will be legs for the rocket to stand on.

Attach the cone and fins with duct tape.

Cut 3 fins out of cardboard.

Hold it together with duct tape.

Make a cone out of stiff paper.

The Rocket!

Get an empty soda bottle.

Let's Make a Rocket!